Rock Spring is a beautiful farm with rolling hills, natural springs, green pastures, deer, and lots of songbirds, owls and eagles. Walk around the farm and you will hear birds singing and chirping, owls hooting, and chimes creating beautiful melodies. The one thing you won’t hear is noise. You may hear an occasional car drive down the country road, a dog barking, or a cow mooing in the distance, but you won’t hear traffic, horns, or the din of city life. Rock Spring is peaceful and serene.

The Retreat

The Retreat is a one-bedroom, one-bath apartment in Essex County, Virginia. It has a full kitchen and a full bath, including a washer and dryer.

It is a perfect spot for a bride and groom to spend the night after their wedding or for a couple to get away for an anniversary weekend. To reserve The Retreat and see interior images, visit this link: The Retreat

The cost of renting the Retreat is included in the price of the Anniversary Getaway and the Wedding Getaway.